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Dynamic Spatial Perception Amphitheatre

The Dynamic Spatial Perception Amphitheatre is a conceptual semi anechoic space that allows uses the ability to adjust its sonic properties by integrating live digital audio signal processing into the design. This live processing allows the aural architecture of the space to be adapted to fit the needs of its user, without the need for modification of the physical environment.

Different activities require different spaces, and a big part of what makes a space fit for a particular use is its reverberant properties. Intimate conversation for example requires a space to have a short reverberation time as the intelligibility of speech is highest in this type of environment. A movie theatre or a classroom would not be well suited to a space such as a cathedral for instance, where reverberation time is long.

The Dynamic Spatial Perception Amphitheatre is a space designed with sonic awareness in mind. It is the result of utilising an innovative signal processing system with advanced computer software, microphone and loudspeaker technology combined with building materials that purposefully restrict the movement of soundwaves.

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