I am a multidisciplinary creative with a passion for technology, music and interactive design.


Resonances takes the form of an interactive sound object consisting of five resonating plates. The plates are square, of various sizes and are made from steel. When interacted with through touch, the object will respond with a display of light and sound.

Resonances aims to symbolise the connection and tension that exists between the worlds of nature, humankind and machine. Tension emerges where the worlds intersect. If left unchecked, the tension will break and one world will become dominate. Relics of past worlds can be seen all around us, especially instances where humankind has paved over the world of nature. These past world relics often resonate through the cracks in our world in the form of undergrowth.

Resonances is an object that if left alone becomes a relic of humanity. But to what future? Will it succumb to nature, or be left to resonate into the machinekind world of the future?

The sound object uses and Arduino micro controller along with capacitance touch sensing to trigger a sound and light experience.

The Arduino converts capacitance sensor input readings into output data command values that control brightness intensity of several neo pixel rings attached to the objects surface. This creates a touch sensitive lighting effect.

The capacitance sensor readings are also converted to midi commands that are mapped to level parameters within Ableton Live. This results in the object acting as a touch sensitive midi controller. A custom generated sound is played on a continuous loop within Albeton. The volume parameter of the audio loop is adjusted by touching the object. When left alone, the object will remain silent, but when touched a transducer speaker attached to its surface will cause the steel plates to resonate with the sound.

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