I am a multidisciplinary creative with a passion for technology, music and interactive design.


Excited to say that I have just completed my Master of Design, Innovation and Technology at RMIT. Huge thank you to my mentors, professors and fellow students for their guidance along the way.

My final project titled Transitions, lighting design concept for Melbourne’s underground metro. It incorporates a dynamic circadian lighting system where the colour temperature of the luminous environment gradually transitions throughout the day to match the lighting conditions of the outside environment. The aim is to orientate users of the space with the time of day while providing appropriate lighting for the biological rhythms that are regulated by light entering the retina. 

I built a 3D printed model and fitted it out with LEDs to demonstrate the lighting transitions which I automated using an Arduino.

I took the opportunity to get a little creative by adding tunnel lighting, and a light ring above the escalators that features a fiery glow to contrast with the colour of the sky which can be viewed through a window at the centre of the ring. The combination of gradients and movement resulting from the dynamic light sources provide an immersive temporal experience for commuters, that is inspired by the ethereal and fleeting beauty of sunrise, sunset and firelight. 

Watch a video of the model below: 

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