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This tidy little pedal is based on the ‘Box of Rock’ by Zvex. My friend and fellow musician Dave Western asked me to build him a Box of Rock clone which I was happy to try my hand at. I hunted down a schematic online and eventually stumbled across the ‘Krankosaurus’ project file which is madbean‘s version of Box of Rock. I etched out the traces on the board using the dry film technique. This is a technique which I have been gradually perfecting over the last few months and am now starting to get great results. It did take me a while to source all of the components, particularly the 5k anti-log potentiometers used for the gain and boost controls. I eventually tracked them down in Germany and shipping took so long I thought they must have gotten lost in the post but alas they eventually arrived and I was finally able to populate the board. I wanted to add my own flare so I set about designing a graphic for the enclosure and renamed it the ‘Rockmelon,’ with the footswitches labeled ‘boost’ and ‘juice.’ I was lucky to have dazatronyx help me out and do and incredible job with the UV enclosure printing and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! I thought the Marshall style knobs were a nice touch since the pedal is designed to sound like you are plugging into a Marshall amp. For the audio demo check out the video below.

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